Words are so powerful ~ in a good way!

The World Peace Prayer Society say…

Words carry vibrations strong enough to inspire, heal and transform the human heart

In my work with children over the years I have noticed how powerful words are.   When I first meet a child in school, I always ask their teacher for a list of positive words or statements that describe them.  I then use these words throughout our work together.

I love to empower the children by getting them to think of and write down as many positive words as they can think of  to describe themselves.

I often prompt them with my own words and I back them up with examples that I have observed during our time together…..

“You were really caring and kind to me when I lost my favourite pencil and you wanted me to share yours”   ……

” I really like the way you are always happy to see me when I arrive, you make me feel very welcome”

“I know that you are an absolute whizz kid on the computer, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes!” …

“I believe you are a good friend because you told me what happened when your friend hurt her knee in the playground and you helped her to feel better”.

Let’s notice the power of words in our everyday lives …. they are much more powerful than we think x

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