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A Few Words About Our Author

Heather Bestel is a therapist and storyteller who has been working with children since 1994. She has a special kind of magic that makes people feel good about themselves.

She lives in the middle of nowhere (yes, it is a real place) surrounded by beautiful countryside and no mobile phone signal. Five miles down the road is Wigtown – Scotland’s National Book Town ~ where she spends sunny afternoons browsing through books and eating chocolate cake.

Children often send her pictures of their favourite characters or meditations and she keeps them in her studio for inspiration.

More About Heather

Heather Bestel

Our Magical Meditations help Kids to:

Relax and develop inner calm

Cope with anxiety

Build confidence

Let go of stress and negative emotions

Develop creativity and concentration

Sleep peacefully


Our Magical Meditations 4 Kids:

Have been lovingly crafted by an experienced psychotherapist who has worked with children developing and building their self esteem and confidence since 1994.

Children learn to not only find their inner calm but develop some wonderful resources to empower them whenever they need, leading to life long learning.

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What People are Saying...

“I loved it and I recommend these wonderful recordings to all parents as it is such an easy way to help children feel at peace with themselves and with one another.”

Sue Atkins, The Parenting Expert