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Magical Adventures – Description

‘Magical Adventures’ is a superb high quality meditation recording by Heather Bestel. Heather is a very experienced psychotherapist who has worked with children developing and building their self esteem and confidence since 1994.

This CD is a lovely and safe way for our 4-7 year old magical explorers to discover their inner resources as they venture. Helping them along the way to build their confidence and creativity. With the use of these CDs, Children learn to find their inner calm and develop some wonderful resources to empower them whenever they need.

This recording includes five tracks:

  1. Magical Space Adventure.  I always get asked for a space adventure and this one not only takes young adventurers into the purple darkness of space and lets them float about with the stars, it also helps build their confidence and they always come back feeling rather special.
  2. Magical Undersea Adventure.  We all like to feel appreciated and this relaxation does that and more.  It really helps our young meditators to feel proud of themselves and their achievements.
  3. The Magic Circus.  The Circus is always a special and magical place for children.  And when they are invited to step up and join the performers, the experience takes on a whole new meaning.  This wonderful relaxation shows  them that they can be strong and courageous when they want to be.
  4. Magic Carpet Ride. A wonderful journey to far away lands and magical places is what awaits our young explorers.  But it doesn’t end there.  They get to bring their magical memories back with them, to re-live whenever they need to.

‘Magical Adventures’ is ideal for using at home: during chill out time, at bedtime, on long journeys, before exams or anytime children need to switch off and relax.

For use in school: at the beginning or end of each class, in the chill out zone, and during circle time. Each CD also includes instructions for a creative activity linked to the CD content. For ‘Magical Adventures’ the activity includes instructions for an exercise in creative writing. Children are encouraged to complete in their own way, a relaxation story, which they can send to Heather by email which she may later use on further recordings giving credit to the writer.

‘Magical Adventures’ includes activity instructions for an exercise in creative writing


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Heather is a therapist and storyteller who loves working with children. She has a special kind of magic that makes people feel good about themselves. She lives in a farmhouse on a hill in the ‘middle of nowhere’ in Scotland surrounded by beautiful countryside and no mobile phone signal. She loves: eating chocolate, getting pictures from children who love her stories, face painting and meditating magically.

You can catch her in school, at children’s festivals and online at this website and at


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