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It doesn’t matter how long and hard you work on something.  It doesn’t matter how much effort and love you put into something.  It doesn’t matter how wonderful you think a thing is… until someone else does.

We are delighted to have received some wonderful reviews from children, parents, teachers, authors  and parenting experts.  Take a look below and leave your own review …

Kathryn says…

I liked bringing the twinkly feeling back with me

Kathryn (age 7)

Donald says…

It made me feel all sparkling and relaxed – I wanted to stay there and be by myself

Donald (age 10)

Emma says…

Magical Meditations is a lovely way to chill out. It made me feel nice and happy and relaxed, I could just float off and stay there forever

Emma (age 12)

Rachel says…

To relax and drift off to sleep whilst listening to Heather’s soothing voice, has become a wonderful addition to my four year old daughter’s bedtime routine.

I would highly recommend the ‘Magical Me’ CD to any parent wishing to create a safe and calming environment for their child. Thank you Heather for creating this space in our hectic lives. It works wonders for this stressed mother too!

Rachel Heath, Mum and magical cloud watcher

Julie says…

I tried your new CD out with a couple of classes this week and they loved it. I used it at the end of a busy day as a ‘cool down’ and it worked a treat. It really captured them & they’re asking already when they can do it again.  Thank you!

Julie Ryman, Primary School Teacher (UK)

Bella says…

I feel very peaceful

Bella (age 6)

Jane says…

Brilliant, your voice has the power to make you do nothing else but r…e…l…a…x. Fabulous. Thank you. I will use this often

Jane Wignall, Children's Workshop

June says…

My children loved listening to magical meditations 4 kids. They really crave having time out to relax and this was perfect

June Robinson (UK) Mother of three

Melanie says…

Heather Bestel is a delightful innovator who has the extraordinary knack for turning lumps of coal into fairy dust.

Magical Meditations for Kids will transform the lives of children everywhere – providing better mental health, peace, and happiness.  Heather takes “playing pretend” to a whole new level that allows young boys and girls the opportunity to go on wondrous adventures without packing a suitcase.

Through her soothing voice and beautifully descriptive word pictures, children will learn the vital skill of relaxation and the joy of meditation!

Melanie Kissell (US) Birthing Professional & Mompreneur

Garah says…

We have listened to the mp3 for the last few nights before bed and I have already noticed some big changes. For example, no more nightmares!

My daughter usually comes into my room in the night complaining of having a bad dream or I am awoken to the sounds of her crying. Since using the relaxation techniques she has slept peacefully through the night (and so have I!) I’ve also noticed that she has been falling asleep much more quickly after listening to the relaxation.

We have been listening together each night and I even feel much better afterward!

Heather, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ll never know how much you have helped us both and I am so grateful to you! I feel that my daughter is on her way to being a less anxious child and growing into a healthy, well adjusted young lady. I attribute it all the use of your meditation. Thank you so much.

Garah Cassady, Mum & Editor/Publisher of

Sam says…

The magic stories made me feel dreamy.  They were cool and great and the shooting star made me feel all shiny

Sam (age 5)

Sue says…

I love your wonderfully relaxing voice, I found myself being drawn in so easily and found my breathing slowing down naturally.

What a magical journey and what a wonderful way for children to learn to relax.

In our busy, frenetic world it’s so important for children to learn to slow down, chill out and use their imaginationsIt aids their concentration, their sense of well being and helps children connect with their inner sense of calm.

I loved it and I recommend this wonderful CD to all parents as it is such an easy way to help children feel at peace with themselves and with one another.

Sue Atkins founder of and author

Gabriella says…

I went off into my own little world and felt like I was actually living the adventure

Gabriella (age 10)

Heather Bestel created Magical Meditations 4 Kids to help parents solve some of their biggest problems:  Building their child’s self esteem, helping them let go of worries and get a peaceful night’s sleep – in short: Be Happy & Confident.  If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to do this for your child, then fill in your details in the box above and receive a free mp3 to help your child sleep peacefully - tonight!

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What a beautiful creation. I played it for my 4 year old who struggles to wind down, relax and sleep and he was asleep within a very short time. By day 5 he was telling me he was safe and loved. By night 7 he took off his pull-up an announced that he was ready to try sleeping without it. What is significant about this is that potty training made him incredibly anxious and he has been incredibly attached to his remaining might time nappy. Bought to help us with night time 2 hour dramas and the to support him during the transition to school. But it has transcended these uses and has become an integral and important part of our lives in a very short time. Thank you Heather, just beautiful.

Oh Michelle,
Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I’m so delighted for you and your son. Not only did it do the job, but the meditations went above and beyond. I’m so happy. Big hugs to you both. Do keep in touch and let me know how you’re both getting on.
much love, Heather x

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