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Magical stories that empower, calm and entertain



Magical Me from £10.95*

This CD is a lovely and safe way to introduce 4-7 year olds to the world of relaxation and to help them find their inner calm. Don’t be surprised if they return feeling very special and twinkly! With the use of these CDs, Children learn to find their inner calm and develop some wonderful resources to empower them whenever they need.



Magical Adventures from £10.95*

This CD is a lovely and safe way for our 4-7 year old magical explorers to discover their inner resources as they venture. Helping them along the way to build their confidence and creativity.



The Magic Castle from £10.95*

This CD is a lovely and safe way for 8-11 year old children to feel calm & confident, increasing feelings of happiness and pride and helping to build a belief in being amazing and talented.



The Magic Garden from £10.95*

This CD is a lovely and safe way for 8-11 year old children. They will love visiting their own special quiet place where they can develop a sense of wonder and feel: calm and peaceful, happy and relaxed, safe and loved.


Magical Meditations Bundle

The Magical Meditation MP3 Bundle £40

Buy all four Magical Mediations MP3s for the discounted price of just £40.00, saving £3.80.

Magical Meditations 4 Kids help and encourage children to:

  • Relax and develop inner calm
  • Build confidence
  • Develop creativity and concentration
  • Cope with anxiety, stress and negative emotions
  • Sleep peacefully


Magical Meditations 4 Kids are ideal for using at home:

  • During chill out time
  • At bedtime
  • On long journeys
  • Before exams
  • Anytime children need to switch off and relax


and at school:

  • At the beginning or end of each class
  • In the chill out zone
  • During circle time
  • Before exams
  • During health week
  • As part of PSHE classes


These superb quality CDs are published in the UK by Diviniti Publishing Ltd, Maidstone, Kent and combine powerful meditation techniques with state of the art digital recording technology