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Our daughter is called Zoe.  It’s Greek and means ‘Life’.  We had a lot of struggle and heartbreak on our journey to become parents and so, when this wonderful and miraculous bundle of joy came our way, it’s easy to see why we choose this particular name.

Here’s a wonderful exercise to build self esteem in your children (I used it with my young adult students too).

Children hear their name a lot and can’t wait to learn how to spell it.  But do they know what it means?  Help them to find out by using a book of names or going online.

Did you know that Donald (a very popular name here in Scotland) comes from the Scottish word for ‘World Ruler’?

Or that Jennifer comes from the welsh word meaning ‘White Spirit’?

Explain how you choose their name and why it makes them unique.  They may like to shorten their name to make it more personal – what do they like to be called?

Do you know what your name means?