In Order to ‘Be There’ for our Children – We Need to Work on Meeting our own Needs First

We all want our children to feel safe, secure and unconditionally loved

We all want our children to have inner confidence and contentment

We all want our children to develop emotional well being and a positive outlook for the future

In order for us, as parents, to give our children those things, we need a couple of things ourselves first.

We all need to feel appreciated, recognised and respected

We all need to feel supported and loved

We all need to take Me-Time to ourselves to relax, rejuvenate and resource ourselves and find our inner calm and peace of mind.

When we have our needs met by having our resources in place, we find it far easier to support our children in getting their needs met.

Take some time out this week to think about what you really need and ask for those needs to be met.   Support yourself first and you will always be there for your children.

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This is great advice even for people like me that don’t have kids. It applies for our interactions with anyone we care about (including customers) – we cannot give away what we don’t have and if we don’t have love and self-respect then we can’t give that to others.

Thanks for pointing this out especially to parents since this is essential for molding kids the right way so that we can avoid future problems. I only wish folks realized what messages we were giving to kids


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