How to Really Listen to a Child

When we really listen to a child – we enter into their world.  Their reality.

When we really listen to a child – the simple things become magical and our lives are never the same:

A stick becomes a magical wishing and healing wand to make all creatures love each other and bring peace to the whole world.

A tree becomes a magical kingdom where everyone is safe and no-one can harm us

A blanket becomes a magic carpet that carries us off to far away exotic lands

When we really listen to a child – time stands still and in that very moment our hearts open up to amazing possibilities.

when we really listen to a child – we become like a child ourselves.

Some of us have forgotten how to think like a child and how to really listen to our children.  In the hurry and busyness of grown up life, time becomes so precious that we don’t want to feel like we’ve squandered it on something so trivial.

That precious time can never be spent on anything more important than really listening to our children.  They have the most amazing insights to offer us.  They make sense of the world and make it easy for us to understand what is really important.

Take a moment today, this week, sometime soon- to really listen to a child.  Here’s how:

Stop whatever you’re doing.  Really stop what you’re doing.  Put it out of your mind.  Make a conscious decision to spend time with your child.  Open your ears, but much more importantly open your heart.  Don’t question, correct or judge – just be.  Just listen and try to understand their world from their perspective.  Get to know them, really know and understand them.  Find out what they love and what makes them afraid.  You don’t have to ask a single question – just give them your full and undivided attention – and listen.  Make this a regular event and your life will change forever.

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Hello from Montana:

Love your post. Would you mind if I used it for a guest blog on

For the 30 day challenge, I am concentrating on

Talk you you soon.

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Heather ~

Just the notion of being childlike again is a wonderful feeling. A moment away from adulthood is a welcomed respite!

I tell the expectant couples in my childbirth classes that one of greatest things about having a child is that they will be able to play again! They can take their children to the park and ride on the swings and play in the sandbox right along with them and no one will look at them as being silly or immature.

I love your advice to just “stop” and really listen to what children have to say. A child’s world is much more colorful and playful and magical than ours!


Judy ~ I would be honoured, thank you x

Melanie ~ I love that you get to work with expectant parents. Your wise words are so important to them. I love that you really ‘get it’. A child’s world is so different from ours, so precious and so short lived. We often need to be reminded ~ you are a gift x

I can’t remember where I heard this quote but I think it sums up things pretty well. ‘The world is just one big playground but then we grew up and forgot!’ Xxx

Yes, yes and yes! I was awfully lucky with my kids, but I think that just being there with them was the biggest key; I call it “quantity time.”
NLM recently posted..Good Kids in Five Easy Steps

Wonderful! I am interested in your thoughts about bullying (and cyber-). I am about to get a children’s book published, to be out this coming summer about bullying and other interruptions children face…

Please come visit when you get the time….

Julie, just love that quote – thank you x
NLM, you’ve got it spot on – “Quality Time” is the best time of all x
Jenny, thank you – I will x

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