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Last week I talked about my work at A Quiet Place and I thought you might like to know a bit more about this wonderful project.

The A Quiet Place project allows children from 4-16 have a place within school to visit when they need to:  relax, be calm, talk over their problems, deal with their stress or anger issues, have respite, be listened to, work through their problems.

All the Quiet Place rooms are magically decorated with all the colours of the rainbow.  There are beautiful murals painted by talented artists, all giving of their best work.  The rooms are beautifully furnished with comfortable areas to instil calm and relaxation or build excitement and mystery.  Some of the rooms have a jungle scene or a space scene.  Lots have a beautiful blue ceiling with little white fluffy clouds just floating past.

There are musical instruments to play and clay to model with.  There is a water fountain tinkling in the corner and a place to roll about on the floor, should they need it.  Paper and pens and all array of crafty bits and pieces are always available.

And so is, and most importantly, an adult to listen.  Something that a lot of children crave is to have space to be listened to and believed. Sometimes that is all it takes. Let’s all make time to listen to our children.

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