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Creating meditations for kids is a dream come true!

When I qualified as a psychotherapist & hypnotherapist back in 1994 I wanted more than anything to help children feel good about themselves.  It was my dream to one day reach thousands of children with my work.

As a therapist, I use relaxation and creative visualisation with remarkable results.  I witness wonderful transformations from just using this simple tool.  It is something that I wish was taught in every school in the land.

I have developed a toolbox of visualisations and meditations for kids over the years and this site is a wonderful way to bring just some of those bits of magic to the children of the world. Let me tell you about them …

Magical Meditations 4 Kids is a series of children’s relaxation CDs and Mp3’s for children aged from 4-7 and 8-11.  But they are not just relaxation CDs – they have been lovingly crafted by me to inspire creativity, aid deep and peaceful sleep, build esteem and confidence and to enable children to discover that wondrous place inside them where deep peace resides.  This is a skill that once learnt, will stay with them and serve them well forever.

As well as having their little home here on the web, they will also be available on Amazon and in all good book shops in: the UK & Europe, US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I invite you to download your free guided sleep meditation today and see what you and your children think of them.

Come back and let me know and join me as together we create this wonderful place where magic happens and dreams can come true.  I welcome your feedback and ideas and would love for you all to be part of my adventure.

Share the Magic!: If you have found this blog post helpful please pass it on.  We want to help as many children, parents, families and schools as possible.  Thank you x