Ages 8 to 11

Be sure to come back soon when we will have pictures of our wonderful CDs ~ for now, here are the details:

CD 3 – The Magic Castle


Welcome to The Magic Castle – This magical realm for children age 8-11 helps them  feel calm & confident, happy & proud, amazing & talented.  At the same time developing inner resources to cope with the big wide world.


1 Journey to the Magic Castle. This is a magical journey to a very special place where children can feel accepted and appreciated.

2 The Magic Library. The books are magical (of course) you don’t have to read them.  Just hold them in your hands and you instantly experience all their wisdom and adventure.

3 The Trophy Room. This is a very special place where children can be so proud of their achievements – past and future.

4 The Room of Wishes & Dreams. Here children create a future of positve wonder and excitement where they can do absolutely anything.

CD4 – The Magic Garden


Welcome to The Magic Garden – Children aged 8-11 will love visiting their own  special quiet place where they can develop a sense of wonder and feel:  calm & peaceful, happy & relaxed, safe & loved.


1 Welcome to The Magic Garden.  This is a calm space where children can create their own oasis to return to again and again.  This is a place where their worries are listened to and their dreams are shared.

2 The Magic Balloon. Children can let go of stress and worries as they let the magic balloon carry them far far away and replace those concerns with feelings of peace and love.

Floating down the River. Children journey to a favourite place to resource themselves and fill themselves with a sense of peace and calm.

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