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"In our busy, frenetic world it’s so important for children to learn to slow down, chill out and use their imaginations. It aids their concentration, their sense of well being and helps children connect with their inner sense of calm. I loved them and I recommend these wonderful Magical Meditations to all parents as it is such an easy way to help children feel at peace with themselves and with one another."
Sue Atkins
The Parenting Expert

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The Magical Meditations 4 Kids Collection

This special collection is lovingly crafted for children aged 4-7 and 8-11.

It inspires creativity, aids peaceful sleep, builds self esteem and confidence and enables children to discover that wondrous place inside, where deep peace resides.

This skill, once learnt, will stay with them and serve them forever. 

There are four different meditations to choose from ...
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Magical Me is a lovely and safe way to introduce 4-7 year olds to the world of relaxation and to help them find their inner calm. Don’t be surprised if they return feeling very special and twinkly! This recording includes five tracks (approx 30 mins).

” I feel very peaceful.”  Bella, age 6




Magical Adventures is an exciting way for our 4-7 year old magical explorers to discover their inner resources as they venture. Helping them along the way to build their confidence and creativity. Children learn to find their inner calm and develop some wonderful resources to empower them whenever they need. This recording includes four tracks (approx 30 mins).

“The magic stories made me feel dreamy.  They were cool and great and the shooting star made me feel all shiny.”  Sam, age 5




The Magic Castle is a lovely way for 8-11 year olds to feel calm and confident, increasing feelings of happiness, pride and helping to build a belief in being amazing and talented (approx 30 mins).

“I went off into my own little world and felt like I was actually living the adventure.”   Gabriella, age 10




The Magic Garden is a safe way for 8-11 year olds to relax and switch off. They will love visiting their own special quiet place where they can develop a sense of wonder and feel: calm and peaceful, happy and relaxed, safe and loved. With the use of these meditations, children learn to develop their own inner resources to cope with the big, wide world (approx 30 mins).

“Magical Meditations is a lovely way to chill out. It made me feel nice and happy and relaxed, I could just float off and stay there forever.”  Emma, age 12

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